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Explosive Storage Containers for Sale

East Coast Commodities delivers the best range of Explosive storage containers for sale. Used for storing any grade of explosive materials whether it be high or low, our purpose built explosive storage containers are the ideal solution for storage and transport of any explosives such as combustible substances, oxidants, flamable liquids, ammunition, propellants, bombs, gun powder, flares and pyrotechnics. They can also be used for storing heavier explosives such as those used in the military, mining, defence force, police force and demolition applications which include both dynamite and TNT. Our explosive storage containers come in various different sizes, meet the requirements of Explosive Storage Regulations.

Our relocatable explosive storage containers are delivered ready made at the highest quality for the storage of 250 Kg up to 20,000 Kg of explosives, detonators, MILSPEC, fireworks and other hazardous materials where security and safety is of extreme importance. These explosive storage containers are also completely ISO compliant for easy transport. They are outfitted with an internal safety door handle, ventilation and a lockable stainless steel valve that unlike our competitor’s is fitted under the rear sill, ensuring the safest and easiest method of explosives management. Our standard explosive storage containers not only provide solutions for explosive storage, they can also provide a vital storage space for non-hazardous materials where there is a possible risk associated with leakage.

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Specifications Storage Container For Sale

Explosive storage containers features:

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