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Flat Rack Containers for Sale

Flat Rack Containers for sale are designed to transport cargo larger than the dimensions available in General Purpose and Open Top Containers. They consist of a flat bed with fixed or collapsible ends. If you are in need of a flat rack shipping container then give us a call. Our Flat Rack Containers are a premium product and sell at a competitive price. We have 20ft flatrack containers and 40ft flat rack containers available.

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Specifications of Flat Rack Containers For Sale

We have a range of new and used flat rack containers for sale, available in 20-foot and 40-foot sizes in both fixed-end and collapsible configurations.

Flatracks are ideal for shipping oversized items such as:

Flat rack container types include:

The following details are the specifications for the 20' & 40' flat rack containers.

Specification 20' Flat Rack Container 40' Flat Rack Container
Maximum Gross Weight 21,440 kg 25,000 kg
Tare Weight (±2%) 2,560 kg 5,480 kg

Dimensions Length Width Height
20' Flat Rack External 6,058mm 2,438mm 2,900mm
20' Flat Rack Internal 5,898mm 2,290mm 2,660mm
40' Flat Rack External 12,192mm 2,438mm 2,896mm
40' Flat Rack Internal 12,000mm 2,290mm 2,660mm

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