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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What is a 3PL provider ?

A: We're a third-party logistics (3PL), and more. A third-party logistics provider is a firm that is used to outsource logistics services for part of your supply chain functions. At East Coast Commodities, we go the extra mile and customize specialized warehousing, stuffing, inventory management, transloading, pick pack fulfillment order processing and transportation distribution services based on the service requirements of your product and customers.

Q: Can I get a quote that includes the breakdown of warehousing, order fulfillment and distribution services that is customized for my business?

A: Yes, we offer customized service rates to fit your business requirements and separate items on your invoice for simple clarification and understanding. Working with you to overcome any initial set-up concerns is the first step in developing a solid customer relationship.

Q: What are some signs of a high-quality, third-party warehousing facility?

A: Secure - When looking at facilities to warehouse your inventory, they should be in a safe area and provide security 24/7.
Clean - The facility should be clean and well organized; this reflects the quality of how your product is handled and the capability of meeting your service demands.
SOPs - The 3PL company should have Standard Operating Procedures and be flexible to offer customized client manuals to support your business needs.
The Right People - Experienced, customer friendly staff is a key ingredient for your 3PL provider to have in order to continue the growth of your business and is the foundation of our success.

Q: How do I send my customer's orders to East Coast Commodities for order fulfillment?

A: It's your choice! East Coast Commodities is flexible and accommodating to your business operation. We can process orders through email, fax or EDI. Our customized warehouse management system allows us to meet your order processing requirements.

Q: I think I need 10,000 square feet to do my distribution, can I rent this space?

A: We discuss your business needs and then create custom and innovative solutions to meet your warehousing and inventory management needs. Often, we find you require less space in terms of square footage that you might think! Our focus is on cost effectively arranging inventory to maximize space and handling efficiency. Should your off-season needs go down, so too do your costs but with the reassurance that when you require more space at peak seasons or as your business grows, it'll be there!

Q: Why are there different fees for storage, handling in and out, and order processing?

A: To maximize your savings! The advantage of leveraging our flexible fee model is that you do not have the fixed cost of a building or of employee salaries and associated additional costs. You only pay for the space used and the employee time that it takes to complete your specific distribution tasks (this is reflected in your handling and order processing fees). We have no minimum fees and you have no worries about how much or little space you require throughout the year. Our pricing is up front and transparent.

Q: Do I still need to look after getting trucks to deliver my product once it is at East Coast Commodities facility?

A: We're fully set up to handle any transportation requirements. We have excellent trucking transportation rates and provide excellent service throughout Canada and the U.S.A. Our sister company Cont-Truck Transport is capable of fulfilling all your transportation needs, providing excellent customer follow up to any shipment at completive rates.

Q: I don't want my customer's to know that I am using a 3PL provider, can you take care of this?

A: Absolutely! East Coast Commodities understands blind-drop transport services and can tailor outgoing order labels to reflect different "shipped from" names. You can be the sender or your customer can be the sender. This white label approach is just another way we serve as a seamless extension of your business. Blind-drop transport is often leveraged in the case of online ecommerce sales order fulfillment.

Q: We have product that is manufactured overseas and comes to Canada in a mixed container. Can you handle this product and how?

A: Yes We Can! We can certainly handle the de-stuffing of the container and sort the product. This takes place in the comfort and confidence of our clean and secure facility. We provide receiving documents verifying item quantities and provide details on any quality concerns of your product. Once confirmed by you, the product is kept off the floor into our inventory racking system that allows us to efficiently pick and pack your product in order to meet your service requirements.

Q: Why should I select East Coast Commodities for my business?

A: Many reasons! We understand there are many pieces to the warehousing and order fulfillment puzzle. We perform on all levels, including:

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